Meet the Founder

Beginning in 1983, Dennis Szigeti has built over 300 homes both in Hawaii and Oregon, and continues to expand his vision to areas across the Pacific Northwest. With a background in commercial building, Dennis has extensive experience in remodels and additions, as well as a time-tested understanding of how to bring a simple idea to design, construction and completion.

There is no such thing as “one size fits all”

When first developing Leader Builders in the early 90s, Dennis knew that every prospective home owner has different needs, desires and tastes, as well as a unique image of how they would like the process carried out. They knew early that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to home building, and that every step of way needs to be thoroughly documented and discussed as ideas become reality. Leader Builders LLC handles every job on a case to case basis, and works with a network of highly trusted and reputable architecture firms. Leader Builders can also adapt any design to green standards, holding a LEED certification and both a partnership with the Energy Trust of Oregon and Earth Advantage.

Dennis Szigeti, owner of Leader Builders

Our Philosophy

“Build the relationship and the relationship will build the home”.

This unassuming philosophy is the backbone of all that Leader Builders LLC does; every facet of the building process, every dollar spent and day worked is based on Dennis and Cindy’s goal to be more than a contractor, but rather serve as an extended family while your home takes form.


  • No “surprises” and the end of the building process
  • Communication throughout all steps from design to completion
  • Understand clients needs & establish firm relationships

OUR VALUESA house is a System

Dennis will tell you that “a house is a system” and that balance must be achieved in all aspects of design – this includes which materials to use, forming an understanding of how the client behaves and wishes to use the space, as well as various factors such as air quality, lighting and heating systems.

Anything is truly possible when working with Leader Builders, and the many awards from the Central Oregon Tour of Homes along with the long-time associations with Better Business Bureau and Central Oregon Builders Association attest to that fact.