1. The Meeting

Before a home enters even the most preemptive stages of design, Leader Builders LLC understands the need for open and honest communication between client and homebuilder. They believe that it isn’t enough to ask “where” and “how big”; rather, clients are asked about many facets of their lives, fine points that can easily be neglected when entering the process of building a home.

A home is a system and that system begins and ends with those who will one day call that home theirs.Every home is different, the men and women living in them are too, and there is never only one “right” way to build a custom home.

2. The Design

When first entering into the sometimes-stressful world of designing and building a home, the very first steps are paramount. To this point, the initial design is held in very high regard. Though Leader Builders, LLC works with the talented and experienced folks at Sexton Home Design, clients are encouraged to use their own architect if already selected, or shop around for one who may better fit their needs.

3. The Building Experience

Once construction begins, Leader Builders, LLC makes every effort to keep the client updated and informed with what exactly is taking place. They know that it isn’t possible for a client to visit the site every day, and they understand the inherent fear with embarking on something that may, in many cases, taken years of preparation and thought.

When Experience Matters…

With 4 decades of experience Dennis can walk onto to any job, during each phase of the process and know what to look for prevented lost time, materials and money.

building experience

4. The Follow Up

Once a custom home is built, the job may be done though the relationship will live on forever. Dennis and the rest of the team strive to always be available if a client has any questions or concerns post-construction, and will do everything necessary as you’re transitioning into your new and exciting life. Their philosophy of “build the relationship and the relationship will build the home” is applied to every aspect of the work done by Leader Builders, LLC; “any home-builder can build a home” you’ll hear them say, “though few can truly build a lasting connection”.