If you can dream it, we can build it.AWARD WINNING CUSTOM HOME BUILDERS

Leader Builders LLC was founded over 15 years ago in Bend, Oregon, to provide a hands-on and personalized approach to custom home building without sacrificing the core values of trust, relationship building and accountability. Two hundred completed homes later, every neighborhood in Bend is home to one – styles such as Tudors, Craftsman, NW contemporary and Mid-Century Modern all bare the Leader Builders name, with dozens more in various stages of design and construction throughout the area.

“We had a home built by Leader Builders this year. We are experienced at this, so had very strong ideas about our project. Dennis was a good listener. We worked together to achieve a stellar product. I particularly enjoyed working with Vern Sexton, his architect and Tony, his framer. Both were true experts. I would highly recommend him as a builder.”Jim and Linda


The owner and operator Dennis Szigeti began building homes in 1983 in his home state of Hawaii, and quickly realized there was a need for something more in the building process, something that can’t be accomplished with only a contract and design.

“Build the relationship and the relationship will build the home” he’ll tell you, with the enthusiasm of someone who has only just entered the industry, not with over four decades of experience. The constant need to elevate both the approach and follow through of custom home building has led Leader Builders LLC to let every one of their customers know that “anything is possible”, and that the entirety of a home rests only on their own imagination.

As hundreds of homeowners in Hawaii and Oregon can attest, every single home is a piece of art, and the high standards of Leader Builders LLC are the canvas on which to bring your vision to life.

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Committed to Excellence.OUR GREEN PARTNERS

Leader Builders LLC has partnered with both Earth Advantage and the Energy Trust of Oregon, the leaders of green building. By working with green building consultants, Leader Builders adheres to the most updated environmental responsible building practices. Leader Builders is LEED qualified, works to minimize waste on projects and coordinates recycling efforts to decrease impact.